Tips to Win Fast and Make Real Money at PH646 Casino

How to play Tonte game at PH646 Casino online? Here are some basic rules you need to follow. Understand and remember this gameplay.

At the beginning of the game, it is worth noting that the players seem to be working together, but in the end, of course, just like in any other game, someone wins and takes home the winner.

Tongits Apo Casino

Similar to other games, different applications have their own rules to follow. Here, let us unite.

The game of Tungit consists of three players, sometimes up to four players. At the beginning, the dealer will deal or give 12 cards to each player and 13 cards to the final winner or the dealer. The dealer will first discard 3 straight flushes or triples (discard cards), or if there are none, discard the cards you no longer need. Next is the opponent on the right, who can use the card you discarded or choose a card from the deck, otherwise known as drawing.

If a player takes the card you threw away, he must place the card he created on the table along with the card he took. If a player chooses to draw a card from the deck, he only has to discard one to turn the tables. Players can overlap the entire card below. Make it a 4-card flush or known as a four-card hand by extending a flush or adding 1 card to a three-card hand.

After this game, the player must discard a card to end his turn. One strategy that Tungit experts are very familiar with is that you put down a full card to make things difficult for the other players, who can’t overlap or draw cards. If there are some things to follow then there are also some things to avoid and that is “playing out” meaning the game is over when the deck is gone and one of the players has finished their hand, in which case you Just lose.

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Tongits Apo Casino

These are the ways and rules of the game “tongits”. Online map tongits or whether tongits app.

Gaming tips to win money at Tongits

What must be done to obtain chips and exchange them for money. Different versions of tongits have different ways of obtaining tonggit chips. Different tricks to get free chips with tongit app. Here are some ways to get free chips:

Watch video ads while playing games. Download or install the free app. Share events, especially on your social media accounts. Play and get match rewards. Level up in battle.

First, each player will be dealt thirteen cards, in this case twelve, which is three players. It all starts with card distribution.

The goal is to use up all your cards and build connections and trios that align with the picture cards and numbers of the different suits. On each of your turns, you can take a card from the remaining cards, or so-called deck, to be used with your other cards and removed by discarding a useless card. When you have a complete deck of cards or a set of cards of the same color or three colors, you can place them on or off the table. If your cards match cards that your teammates have already placed on the table as well as other formations from other players, you can do so by overlapping them. The first player to use up all their cards wins.

Tongits Real Money Cash Out

Things to note when playing without losing

There are things we must know and remember in Donguit so that we can continue to win. The mind must be clear and focused so that we can win consecutively. Some more things to remember:

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Pick up or fight:

  • At the beginning of your turn, you can choose a card and discard it, or shout “Fight” if you think you can win the round.
  • You can take a card from the deck or discard a card from the dump pile if the card can be matched with your cards to form a set.

Lower an opponent or block a player

You can place a set on the table for you to fight on your next turn, either evenly or continuously. You can overlap a card from your opponent’s deck so that it cannot fight on the next turn.

In this game, you must discard the highest value card, or a card that does not have a matching or suit in your hand.

These are some things you should know to win. Always focus on what needs to be done to win!

Now you know how to win at tongits. Today, there are many Tongits applications scattered across the online world. This is one app that really caught my attention. This is PH646 Casino -Tongits 777, Lucky 9, Pusoy Card. You can download this, just search for PH646 directly into your phone’s Play Store and install it.